I am supporting Obama in the upcoming election. But whomever you support, you should demand that they embrace your values. With trillions of dollars of debt, billions being spent on military activities, the worst education rating in our history, the highest rate of murder, rape and drug crimes in any developed or under-developed nation, the lowest rate of engineer graduates in decades and the highest dependency on foreign energy, foreign science and foreign labor – it is time to take back our country from the domestic axis-of-evil we have fallen victim to. We must embrace the work ethic, the values and the practices that made us an international beacon and re-enter the international discourse as a viable leader once again.

To this end, I am excited to have joined the National Steering Committee of the CleanTech & Green Business Leaders for Obama (“CT4O”) group. CT4O is a newly-formed national constituency group within the Obama campaign that is spearheading fundraising, organizing, and outreach in this community. Our collective efforts will not only help to elect Barack Obama, but they will demonstrate the ability of this new economic sector to influence the political dialogue,

As much as I am disenchanted with politics, I feel so strongly about the need for change that I agreed to help recruit more like-minded catalysts. The goal of the group is to make sure that Obama wins, and to make sure he has the best advice on energy, environment and technology issues. What that means is we are trying to recruit brains and donors to be a part of the effort. I am not a natural fund-raiser, but I have learned that money is a top priority in ensuring that people are aware of their choices. So, if you are a supporter, the time is now to give to the campaign.


As you know, energy security, climate change, and a struggling economy have emerged as critical issues dominating the 2008 presidential race.


For those of us in the technology and green business sector, this presents us with a truly unique opportunity to address these issues facing our country — by putting the spotlight on important solutions emerging from our sector, and by helping to elect Barack Obama.


In addition to raising at least $1 million in contributions to the Obama campaign and the DNC through CT4O events and online fundraising, we will also:


Secure the public endorsements of key leaders in the clean technology and green business community.

 – Identify media and visibility opportunities that highlight the positive economy and jobs potential of Obama’s energy and environment policies

 – Recruit and organize thousands people from around the country to help with all these and other activities


Here is how you can help – Pick what is best for you:

 Join me on the Steering Committee – Make the maximum allowable personal contribution directly to the Obama campaign ($2300 primary; $2300 general) and recruit at least 10 Clean Tech “Leaders” or, in lieu of this, make the maximum allowable contribution to the DNC (an additional $28,500). The Steering Committee is the governing and coordinating body of CT4O and members will have the opportunity to assume a variety of additional leadership roles within the group. In addition, Steering Committee members will participate in weekly conference calls that will frequently feature presentations from influential campaign and community leaders, will be named on collateral and marketing materials, and attend special CT4O events throughout the course of the campaign.

Be a Clean Tech/Green Business “Leader” – Donate or raise at least $15,000 for Obama or the DNC by recruiting people to attend CT4O fundraisers or through on-line donations. Alternatively, organize at least two grassroots organizing events with at least 50 people. These include things such as house parties, phone banking, or trips to battleground states. You will be named on collateral and marketing materials, have the opportunity to attend certain special events, and be on monthly calls.

Immediately become a Clean Tech/Green Business “Member” – Become a CT4O member by simply going to our website (, click on “Join”, and then complete the form. No minimum donation is required, but any amount would be greatly appreciated. Once you have completed the form, you will be added to the CT4O distribution list and receive periodic updates on the campaign and CT4O activities and events. Also, after you have joined, we strongly encourage you to encourage other people to do the same.


Regardless at which level you decide to participate, I strongly encourage you to take a moment to make an immediate contribution. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this newly formed group, we have set a goal of raising at least $100,000 in the first week of operation. I am happy to report that, within 72 hours of our launch, we have already raised over $40,000!!!   

Please take a moment to go to and make a donation of any amount. While the website is still being developed, it is able to accept your donation.


If you would like to get involved, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 



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