My life is a balance of three interwoven parts: family, work and philanthropy.

I left the “corporate” world at the end of 2007 to take on the chauffeur/chef/daddy-come-help-NOW! role with our two kids and to pursue interests in the non-profit space.  With each day there is new drama, new joy and lots of time just listening and being there.  Too soon such moments will be fleeting and there is no doubt this was the best decision of my life – I couldn’t be happier.

From 2007-2010, I spent the better part of three years visiting philanthropic and environmental projects around the world – often with my family in tow.  From China to Guatemala, from bio-fuels to women’s health clinics, from the US Institute for Peace to the Clinton Global Initiative, I sought out the most pressing issues facing our planet, spoke to experts and NGOs and spent weeks with my family working in villages and meeting people “on the ground”.

Throughout the process, my wife and I encountered many effective and compelling causes and service organizations and we continue to work with many of them. In the search for a “root-cause”, a “determinant vector”, the chicken or the egg – the research and results were clear: the education of girls is the most powerful lever of generational and sustainable social change.  This in no way diminishes our passions for human rights, conservation of precious resources, population management, responsible government, access to economic opportunity, sustainable living, etc.   The education of girls, however, gets to the root cause of all of these and creates long-lasting change unlike any other solution.

My professional career has included start-ups, large multinational companies, manufacturers, quasi-government organizations and information providers.  I worked in information technology, financial services and consumer products. I keep my toe in the professional water doing speaking and advising on strategy, technology and innovation to CEOs, CIOs, boards and companies both established and start-ups.

This site is an eclectic mix of social commentary, calls to action, business strategy, innovation and technology leadership.