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January 2002 / February 2002
Many financial executives were eager to bid good riddance to 2001, dismissing what began as an unpleasant year and ended with a sobering reality. The world had changed and, with it, so too must business. Few would argue that the role of the CIO is vital to the seamless continuity of any financial business; in the wake of September 11th, however, it became clear that their work is not only the lifeblood of their organizations, but also that of the retail and wholesale customers who depend on consistent service and transaction processing capabilities-even in the immediate aftermath of unexpected, inexplicable events.
Individuals who were once perceived merely as the technology firepower behind the successful launch of a product or expansion of a business are today so much more: innovators, operators, instigators. This year, FB pays tribute to 10 financial firms whose CIOs and Cots are standouts in their ability to integrate business and technology initiatives. And while the focus these days is on ROI, these CIOs know they must strike a balance between innovation and holding the line on IT spending.
This year’s ranking includes Merrill Lynch’s John McKinley, Mellon Financial’s Allan Woods, Wells Fargo’s Webb Edwards, American Express’ Glen Salow, RBC Financial’s Martin Lippert, Citigroup Asset Management’s Bill Krivoshik, Bank of America’s Tim Arnoult, Charles Schwab’s Dawn Lepore, Capital One’s Gregor Bailar and Marge Connelly, and E-Loan’s Etienne Handman.
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