Capital One Receives 2006 CIO 100 Award | CIO Magaazine

Capital One Financial Corporation (McLean, VA)

EVP and CIO:  Gregor Bailar
Chairman, President and CEO:  Richard Fairbank
Business goal:  Efficiency/increased productivity
Business function: Human resources|Asset management/maintenance|IT operations
Industry: Finance/Banking/Accounting
FY05 revenue: 12.2 billion
Employees: 21000

Winning Project Description:

Capital One used wireless technology to reinvent its office environment, tearing down cubicle and office walls in favor of mobile work zones, open meeting areas and other flexible spaces. Employees can now work inside and outside the office according to their task or preference. A network of printers, copiers and fax systems makes sharing documents between workers in different locations as easy as it is to perform those tasks locally. The innovative work space design has reduced real estate costs. In the IT department, the mobile environment has improved product delivery speeds as much as 40 percent. In surveys, 65 percent of employees say they are more productive, and more than 75 percent prefer the new environment to the conventional workplace arrangement.

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